What does midwifery care look like?


Upon booking your care with me, you have 24-hour access to

your midwife.


One-on-one personalized prenatal visits last at least an hour, following a schedule of monthly

until 28 weeks and then bi-monthly until 36 weeks, then weekly thereafter until the birth of your

baby. You see the same midwife at your appointments.


Labor care is individualized to each mother-baby, but it's standard to have your midwife present for labor assessment as least when active labor takes place. Movement, optimal positioning, family support, use of water and/or birthing tub, establishing a spa-like birthing environment and eating and drinking during labor are highly encouraged. A woman's autonomy is respected in a quiet, calm and caring environment. The baby's heartbeat is monitored intermittently at regular intervals with doppler throughout labor and birth. Mother's full vitals are also assessed at regular intervals.

Mothers and fathers are encouraged to catch their own baby (with the assistance of the midwife if they want).


After the birth, your midwife and her assisting midwife stay at least two hours, to oversee the mother-baby transition, support the first breastfeedings, perform a full newborn exam, assess vitals, check for lacerations and perform repairs as necessary, closely monitor blood loss, feed the new mom a meal, administer medications and/or herbs as necessary, examine placenta, and ensure mom and baby are stable before leaving (Oh, and we clean-up the mess too!).


Post partum visits are provided within 36 hours of the birth of your baby, and take place your own home. Newborn screenings are offered to each baby. The birth certificate (which includes the SNN) is filed after parents have decided on a name for their baby.


Follow-up appointments are typically at day 3, week 1-2, week 4, and week 6, or individualized as needed. You can typically expect a total of 4-6 post-partum appointments.









Would if I want an ultrasound?

I collaborate with various hospitals to provide you with a ultrasound that could be covered by your insurance carrier. Additionally,  for clients without insurance, we have a contract that hires a sonographer to come to the office and/or your home. We can also order them through Edwards Imaging in Madison.

*Please note that ultrasounds are at an additional cost*


What does midwifery care cost?

The global midwifery deposit (cash pay) for care is $2500-3000. A midwifery sliding scale is available for those who require it for accessibility to care. Please email for the sliding scale and I would be happy to send it to you.

Payment plans are available. Unless otherwise agreed upon, payment is full is due by 36 weeks. Insurance can sometimes be billed, please inquire further.


What do doula services cost?

$1,000-1,200 depending on your annual income.


What about lab work?

Routine labs are a service provided by your midwife at your appointments, and are customized per your needs and desires. Labs cannot be billed to insurance at this time, but routine labs are covered in the global midwifery deposit.


Is water birth encouraged?

Laboring and birthing in the water is something many mothers find very relaxing and comforting. As long as there is nothing concerning, hydrotherapy is encouraged and its benefits are vast!


Do we need our own tub/pool?

You are free to purchase your own birthing pool, but a Professional Birth Pool in a Box is also available for rent if you prefer.


What medications do you carry?

For the baby, I carry oral and injectible vitamin K for baby,for mom and baby I carry an oxygen tank, for post-partum hemorrhage I carry three prescription medications called Methergine, Pitocin, and Cytotec (Misoprostol), for mothers with Rh- blood, I carry RhoGAM.

  I also carry a host of herbal tinctures and some homeopathic remedies and pregnancy tea.


Who attends births with you?

I hire another Licensed Midwife to assist me at all births.




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