Divinity Birth Services, LLC is a comprehensive homebirth midwifery and doula

practice based in Jefferson county, WI. Counties within a one-hour radius are served.


Prenatal care is provided to low-risk mothers and their families.

Informed choice, individualized care (shared decision making) and safety are core

aspects of midwifery care provided by your midwife.

Continuous labor support and one-on-one assessment and guidance takes place

within the comfort of your own home setting, with a caring, compassionate and

knowledgeable midwife. Comprehensive post partum care for mother and baby takes place for six weeks.


Midwifery care is unique because of the focus on wellness and preventative health. Your midwife is the guardian of the birth space, not interfering with the natural mechanisms of labor and birth unless there is a concern for the well-being of mother-baby.

Midwives are often called the "Experts in Normal Birth". Birth is believed as a perfectly normal, natural and healthy event for low-risk women to experience. Care is focused on a holistic prospective.


Midwifery training is focused on knowing normal so well that abnormal can likely be recognized early on and corrected. Midwives are trained in emergency birth skills specifically for out of hospital settings.


Collaboration with chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, other midwives, hospitals and doctors takes place as indicated during your course of care.


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